ISSofBC – Welcome to our Homelands (Multilingual videos & Study guides)

Welcome to our Homelands” is an Indigenous welcome to newcomers video and study guide produced by Immigrant Services Society of BC (ISSofBC) in partnership with Indigenous organizations in Vancouver and elsewhere. Thanks to indigenous filmmaker Kamala Todd, study guide author Kory Wilson, and Indigenous Advisory Committee members for their work on this project.

In 2020, ISSofBC launched an engaging seven-minute video and accompanying study guide in English that targets newcomers and provides them with a jumping-off point for learning more about the First Peoples of Canada.

Now, in 2021, ISSofBC has launched the next phase of the resource, which includes translation into Spanish, Farsi, Arabic, Chinese, Korean and Punjabi.

View all videos and study guides below:

This seven-minute video features six Indigenous individuals from across the country extending a welcoming message to newcomers to Canada in their native languages, and provides a glimpse of aboriginal history and culture that can serve as a “jumping-off point for further learning.” An accompanying study guide provides resources and links to helpful information that can deepen the understanding of Indigenous peoples by newcomers, most of whom lack the knowledge to benefit from meaningful dialogue and friendship-building with the original inhabitants of Canada.