Canadian Council for Refugees (CCR): Information on Pilot for Excluded Family Members

Pilot for Excluded Family Members: Practical Information: This document provides basic information for newcomers and those who support them about a pilot project that allows some people to sponsor family members who were not originally declared to immigration authorities (and who are therefore Excluded Family Members). ———————– Projet pilote pour les membres de la famille…

AMSSA: Migrant Worker Hub

The Migrant Worker Hub is a digital resource centre with tools and information to strengthen the knowledge and capacity of individuals, employers, unions, professional associations and organizations supporting Migrant Workers in British Columbia. Some of the content is specific to British Columbia, but some is relevant to those in all provinces (eg: webinar on ‘Recognizing…

Manitoba Settlement Guidebook & Checklist for Private Sponsors

This Settlement Guide Book was created to meet the needs of Manitoba Sponsorship Agreement Holders (SAHs), their Constituent Groups, Group of Five, and Community Groups who would like to engage in sponsoring refugees in Canada. We hope that this Guidebook will support private sponsors and as well as offer concrete guidance to those working to…

CMHA: Mental Health Resources for Winnipeg

The Mental Health Resource Guide has a new name, new look, and a new section for Newcomers and Refugees. To view, download, or print the Mental Health Resources for Winnipeg, click here. For the Newcomers and Refugees section, it can be found in the same document on page six.

Services & Supports for Refugee Claimants in Winnipeg

As Manitoba has seen an increase in the number of people who are arriving as refugee claimants to our province, we want to share information on available services. Most often, community members, friends and faith communities play the most significant role in supporting refugee claimants in the community, and this document may assist them in…

Informal Language Options

Informal Language Options Winnipeg If you know of a conversation circle or informal language program that is missing from this list (or want to update your information), please contact Teresa Burke at

MIRSSA: Recreational Resources for School-Aged Newcomer Children and Youth

Our youth committee put together a guide on Recreational Resources for School-Aged Newcomer Children and Youth to help connect newcomer children and youth to recreation programming. The guide is designed to be used by service providers, private sponsors and other supporting organizations.