Is there a difference between the work of MANSO and other advocating organizations in the sector?

Yes. MANSO is a member-led organization and is the umbrella for the settlement and integration sector. Although some of our projects address similar issues to those of other organizations, our work is primarily focused on member support. We assist our members by strengthening communication and capacity-building, facilitating professional development opportunities, advocating for the sector’s interests and representing our members at local, provincial, and national tables.


Can an individual apply for membership at MANSO?

No. According to our Membership policy, we can only accept membership applications from eligible organizations or programs which have as a core mandate the provision of settlement and integration services to immigrants and refugees free of charge or on a cost-recovery basis. The MANSO Board of Directors has the authority to approve Membership according to established criteria.


How do I know if my organization is a member of MANSO?

Please email to confirm whether or not your organization is a member. If your organization is interested in applying for a MANSO membership, read here for details on how to Become a Member.


I am new to the sector and am confused with all the acronyms.

Yes. We have developed a bilingual sheet with explanations of acronyms that are frequently used in the sector. It is available in both official languages, English and French, and can be viewed here.


How can I get to know other members of MANSO?

The Member Directory on our website is definitely a good place to start. You can learn about other MANSO member organizations across Manitoba, their programs and services, and even client eligibility.

MANSO also offers many opportunities for you to connect with other agencies and staff members throughout the sector, including events, committees, conferences and gatherings throughout the year that you and your colleagues can attend, either virtually or in person. 


Is there a way for me to stay up-to-date on sector-related information?

Absolutely! We invite you to subscribe to our e-newsletter where you will receive relevant news, workshops and events, funding opportunities, and research and publications every other Tuesday. 

We also update regularly on our social media accounts, so please follow us on Facebook and Twitter!


How can I find out what Professional Development opportunities exist for members?

For everyone: See all MANSO’s past and upcoming events here – Event Calendar.

For MANSO members: In addition to the public Event Calendar, we will update our members with a PD Calendar three times a year (January, June, and September) with training offered by MANSO and key partners.


I am a newcomer to Manitoba. Are there any services for me and my family?

The Government of Canada funds many Service provider organizations (SPOs) in order to provide settlement services for newcomers in Canada. In Manitoba, many of them are MANSO members. 

Check out our Member Directory – Find services near you that can offer support in finding employment, taking language classes in Manitoba, etc. The directory contains contact details and descriptions of the services that our members offer.

It is important to understand that MANSO does not work directly with newcomers/clients. However, if you search our Member Directory or contact us, we may be able to connect you with an appropriate agency.


I want to immigrate to Manitoba, Canada. Where can I find more information?

Please understand that MANSO does not work directly with newcomers or clients. However, the following resources may be useful.


I would like to make a donation of gently used clothes, furniture, etc. to newcomers and their families

Many of our member organizations are open to receiving donations of furniture and clothing to assist their effort in supporting newcomers to Manitoba. Please always contact the organization directly.



Should you have any other questions, please feel free to let us know via this Contact Form or call our office at 204-272-0872 and leave a message. Our staff will be monitoring the voice mail for any incoming message. Thank you!

MANSO does not provide direct settlement services, and cannot advise on matters related to immigration to Manitoba or specific client cases

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