Bridging Social Distance during COVID-19: Indigenous & Newcomer Youth Relationship Building Project

  A Métis master in social work student at the University of Manitoba thesis project has emerged from supporting both newcomer and Indigenous youth in various capacities, and experiencing alongside these youth the lack of good/community-driven information that each broad community has about the other, and how this can lead to misunderstandings, misperceptions and tension….

The Social Impacts of COVID-19 Online Conference Series

Metropolis North America and the COVID-19 Social Impacts Network hosted an online conference on May 22nd from 11:00 am to 2:30 pm (EDT) to look at the impact of COVID-19 on migration and mobility in the United States, Canada and Mexico and examine possibilities for cooperation between researchers, policy-makers and civil society across our three countries….

Food Insecurity in Manitoba Videos (English with English subtitles)

Food Insecurity in Manitoba, is a series of 3 short videos (5 minutes each) focused on Experiences, Causes, and Solutions to food insecurity in Manitoba. The video series was launch on April 21, 2020. Using a montage of voices, the videos provide a snapshot of some of the systemic barriers to accessing safe, nutritious, and…

Webinar: Building connection over video platforms

Amid the current COVID-19 situation, we have been seeing our sector shifting our nature of work and using technology innovatively to be able to continue our work to serve newcomers. Jackie Hogue, in collaboration with MANSO, has made the following resources available to MANSO member organizations. This could be used as a guide and tips…

ISSofBC – Welcome to our Homelands

“Welcome to our Homelands” is an Indigenous welcome to newcomers video and study guide produced by Immigrant Services Society of BC (ISSofBC) in partnership with Indigenous organizations in Vancouver and elsewhere.  There are plans to provide voice-overs and subtitles in 10 other languages.  Thanks to indigenous filmmaker Kamala Todd, study guide author Kory Wilson, and…

UNHCR Canada Report – Are refugees good for Canada? A look at Canadian refugee integration

The following study surveys the most recent data and research available to provide a glimpse into the lives and achievements of the one million refugees who arrived in Canada since 1980. It should serve as a useful source for those interested in explaining to various audiences how refugees integrate and contribute to Canadian society and…

New IRCC Settlement Language Videos

IRCC has released two new settlement language videos that can be shared widely with staff and newcomers alike: Language training options for newcomers to Canada describes the language training and learning opportunities offered through the Settlement Program. This video will help newcomers understand what they can expect from different types of language programming, including formal…

Learning English with CBC

Learning English with CBC offers opportunities to practice (CLB 4-6): Grammar Vocabulary Pronunciation Comprehension of spoken English Practice with intuitive online tools which give instant feedback.  Every week, new video and audio content will be available.

CMAS Online Learning

CMAS has some helpful online tutorials and webinars for programs offering Care for Newcomer Children.