Trauma-Informed Care Website Launch

Klinic Community Health and the Manitoba Trauma Information and Education Centre (MTIEC) are excited to announce the launch of our updated website that supports trauma-informed care: <>

Trauma is prevalent. An estimated 76 percent of Canadians report they have experienced at least one traumatic event in their lifetime. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Canada has seen a rise in mental health injury and illness, intimate partner violence, and suicidal ideation. Trauma-informed practice in all caring professions is more important than ever. Without trauma-informed care, people who have experienced trauma are at risk of being re-traumatized in all social service and healthcare settings.

The website has been refreshed and updated with resources and information for those affected by trauma. It is designed to provide service providers and community partners with the tools and resources they need to deliver effective and compassionate trauma-informed care. The website includes a range of features and resources, such as:

New information on key areas of focus for trauma-informed care, including:

Please share any feedback and suggestions on how they can continue to improve the online resource through this online survey.