Canada Revenue Agency – Fact Sheets for Newcomers

The Canada Revenue Agency has prepared some facts sheets and posters to help newcomers understand what benefits are available through the CRA (and why filing taxes is important).

Fact Sheets for Newcomers:

Fact Sheets for Refugee Families:


Cayla Linaker is the Regional Outreach Program Officer for the Canada Revenue Agency here in Manitoba.  Her job is to teach people about the benefits and credits they may be entitled to when they file a tax return.  Cayla is available to do presentations on benefits and credits (Canada Child Benefit, GSTC, Disability Credits, etc.), presentations for newcomers, seniors, presentations on scams, etc.  She has different posters, fact sheets and postcards which encourage people to take advantage of the benefits they are entitled to.  Please feel free to contact her at 204-984-1025 or if you would like outreach materials or more information on presentations.