My Home is Manitoba: Diversity Awareness for Newcomers

The video series My Home is Manitoba showcases our province’s unique multicultural heritage and the benefits of cultural diversity. The video speaks mainly to new immigrants, breaking down the stereotypes they sometimes face, although all Manitobans will find it interesting. There are four 15-minute segments, each with a facilitator’s guide that can also be used for self-directed learning.

Facilitators’ Resource guide

This resource guide has four segments:

Segment 1: Many Cultures, One Neighbourhood

Manitoba’s population includes people from many different countries, cultures, races and religions. Manitobans welcome and celebrate these different cultures and explore the benefits of diversity.

Segment 2: Sharing Our Cultures

Although the residents of Manitoba enjoy maintaining their own cultures, they also enjoy blending in, sharing and learning from each other’s cultures.

Segment 3: The First People of Manitoba

Diversity has always existed here. Aboriginal people were the first inhabitants of the land known today as Manitoba. First Nations, Métis and Inuit developed unique languages, cultures and spiritual beliefs. However, reserves and residential schools changed Aboriginal culture and ways of life. Although faced with challenges, Aboriginal people today are celebrating their culture and re-defining their role in society.

Segment 4: Values We Cherish in Manitoba

Manitoba has laws which protect your human rights. Those laws give everyone equal opportunity and equal protection. Being aware of your rights and speaking up if you face discrimination helps make our people and our province stronger.