Mind Your Mind: Welcome to Canada Quiz & Posters for Newcomer Youth

This project was initiated and guided by youth in the YMCA-YWCA of Winnipeg’s Youth Mental Wellness program, in collaboration with the Ontario-based non-profit Mind Your Mind.

This single-player or multi-player quiz game reviews some key concepts on the themes “Money & Jobs”, “Finding Help”, “Social Customs”, “Coping with Change” and “Planning for the Future”.

The project has also produced some posters in English, French and Arabic, which are available here: https://mindyourmind.ca/printouts/welcome-canada-poster-series

A limited number of posters in English French & Arabicare available to organizations & educational institutions free-of-charge.  Contact Sara Warkentin at sara.warkentin@ymanitoba.ca

The project was created by Arabic speaking youth, as encouragement for other newcomer youth, particularly Arabic speaking youth. The idea came from their conversations about wanting to see something in their own language posted around their schools and other organizations, particularly when they first arrived and were feeling overwhelmed/scared/alone. All participant youth worked really hard shaping the project with their own visions.