MANSO Anti-Racism Framework 2022

The MANSO Anti-Racism Framework was created in response to a unanimously supported 2021 MANSO policy resolution that became the MANSO Anti-Racism Policy for the Settlement Sector. The Policy outlines the need and opportunity for Service Provider Organizations (SPOs) to address systemic racism. The creation of the Framework was a collaborative effort. The Policy called for the formation of the MANSO Anti-Racism Committee, which guided and contributed to the creation of the Framework. Stakeholders from the Settlement Sector also informed the Framework’s contents and design through a sector-wide survey and focus group discussions. Focus group participants included current and former SPO staff, partners, and funders.

The Framework is made up of:

  • Nine Calls to Action
  • Best practices for how to work toward each Call to Action
  • Tips for how to implement the best practices

MANSO Anti-Racism Framework 2022 FINAL

MANSO Anti-Racism Framework is a tool to support MANSO member agencies in collective learning, planning, and action to address systemic racism within their organizations, the sector, and beyond.