University of Manitoba: Resource Recommendations Relating to Anti-Black and Anti-Indigenous Racism

Please note that some of the resources are listed are only available with University of Manitoba (or other academic institution) access.  The resources listed as ‘external resources’ are accessible to all.

The University of Manitoba Libraries denounces anti-Black racism and police and state violence

Here you will find books, articles, and other resources that provide a broad and non-exhaustive introduction to issues of police and state violence against Black and Indigenous people in a primarily Canadian and American context. We acknowledge that many other pernicious forms of racism exist both in Canada and the United States; however, this guide was conceived as a means of responding to the particularly acute situation in America at this moment. Black Lives Matter.

This guide is intended as a gesture of solidarity, to amplify Black and Indigenous voices, and to signify our willingness to educate ourselves and others about systemic anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism by sharing some of the many relevant resources in our collection and elsewhere. Some of the compilers of this guide are neither Black nor Indigenous. The Libraries commits to maintaining and updating this guide and to expanding it to include content which discusses other forms of racism. The Libraries also commits to listening, learning, and changing to counter the systemic racism found within our own practices and systems.

In light of the COVID-19 restrictions on access to physical library locations and print materials, we have compiled a non-exhaustive selection of our electronic resources relevant to the issues of anti-black racism—and anti-BIPOC racism more broadly—, including books, articles, and databases. We have also included a small selection of external online resources, including relevant writing and data.