Recording: Supporting those who have experienced racism

This is a recording of components of the training organized by Immigration Partnership Winnipeg, in collaboration with MANSO and Strangers in New Homelands.

The training was held on July 23rd, 2020. Our sincere thanks to our planning committee, group facilitators, and especially our presenters Mandela Kuet, Roselyn Advincula, Dr. Kathy Hogarth and Dr. Buster Ogbuagu.

Goal of the training session: The session will use engaging and interactive facilitation to provide newcomer service providers and ethno-cultural community leaders with an understanding of how to identify racism and practical tools to be able to support community members who have experienced racism.

1. Recognize racism in our current and historical contexts
2. Provide an opportunity to reflect on participants own experiences and understanding of racism
3. Develop and practice ways to support those who disclose experiences of racism
4. Provide resources participants can access and refer to their community members (reporting tools, mental health supports, etc.)

Thank you also to Tamika Abara and Nina Condo from Elmwood Community Resource Centre for providing debriefing support for participants.