Immigration Research West: Yazidi Resettlement in Canada – Final Report 2018

In 2017, Canada resettled 1,215 Yazidis (IRCC personal communication) refugees who have experienced extreme violence, torture, and displacement at rates that astonished the international community. Early reports from settlement agencies in Canada reveal that the high degree of trauma Yazidis have experienced has made their resettlement and integration very difficult. Almost all the Yazidis destined to Canada are from Sinjar, Kirkuk and Erbil in northeastern Iraq, and now reside in Toronto, London, Calgary and Winnipeg. Our colleagues at COSTI Immigrant Services (Toronto), Cross Cultural Learner Centre (London), Calgary Catholic Immigration Services, Welcome Place and Accueil francophone (Winnipeg), along with an advisory panel made up of settlement service providers, federal government and academic members, participated in the planning of this project. The study examines the following questions: 1) what settlement services do Yazidi refugees require? Do they have access to these services?; 2) what has their experience in attaining language training been like?; 3) what might their job prospects be?; and 4) what are their housing conditions? The purpose of the project is to collect information to inform practice and resettlement policy for refugees in Canada.