CERIS: Immigrant Women, Youth and Seniors – Knowledge Synthesis Reports

The IWYS project is about three immigrant groups – women, youth, and seniors –  who each have special but different settlement needs in Canada. We want to know if they receive what they need in services. We also want to propose new service interventions for their successful settlement.

This review of recent research on and existing services for immigrant women, youth, and seniors in Canada addresses three main questions. First, what do we know about the settlement experiences—particularly outcomes—of these diverse groups of immigrants? Second, what is out there in terms of services specifically targeting them? Third, what impact, if any, do existing services have on immigrant outcomes? The report tackles each question in four substantive areas of settlement: (a) labour market participation and income; (b) education and language training; (c) health, mental health, and well-being; and (d) social and civic participation