CERI: Youth Engagement in Ethnocultural Organizations in Winnipeg

This report supplements a previous report, “Ethnocultural Community Organizations in Winnipeg: A Legacy Document“, that was written in 2018. Collectively, the two documents explore the role of ethnocultural community groups and organizations in providing services and supports for newcomers, and particularly refugees, in Winnipeg. The legacy document was written first to serve the immediate knowledge needs of the project’s community partner organization – Immigration Partnership Winnipeg (IPW), which is Winnipeg’s Local Immigration Partnership. Findings from the legacy document informed the successful creation of the Ethnocultural Council of Manitoba in June, 2018.

The present report completes this research project by providing a more comprehensive account of the types of services, programs, and supports provided by Winnipeg’s ethnocultural community groups to meet the needs of immigrants and refugees. In particular, this report focuses on the scope of immigrant and refugee youth engagement in ethnocultural community groups.