CCPA: “They Can Live a Life Here” – Current and Past Tenants’ Experiences with IRCOM’s Model of Housing and Wrap-Around Supports

Finding affordable, secure, good quality housing is an essential and immediate part of the early settlement process for immigrants and refugees. Yet, obtaining appropriate housing can be daunting and often impossible in housing markets with a dearth of affordable housing and low vacancy rates. Newcomers are often unfamiliar with the particularities of local practices, lack…

WRHA: Know Where to Go Posters

The WRHA has produced posters and other materials which explain where to go for care after recent changes to our health system. Hard copies can be ordered from the contact at the link below.

CMHA: Mental Health Resources for Winnipeg

The Mental Health Resource Guide has a new name, new look, and a new section for Newcomers and Refugees. To view, download, or print the Mental Health Resources for Winnipeg, click here. For the Newcomers and Refugees section, it can be found in the same document on page six.