Black, Indigenous and Persons of Colour (BIPOC) Mental Health Resources – Manitoba

The BIPOC Mental Health Workers Resource List is a Winnipeg resource for Black, Indigenous, and Persons of Colour identifying counsellors, therapists, and peer workers! Many intersecting identities of professionals, varying or no cost, and city-wide locations available. This is an open resource for the community and professionals alike so feel free to share!

A little history about the list: “The “BIPOC Mental Health Worker List” started over the counter at the local bakery “Eadah Bread” between Tamika Krush and Chance Dupuis in December of 2019. Tamika was seeking a list of Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) identifying mental health workers that were low-barrier access. Without Tamika, this list would not exist.  The first “BIPOC Mental Health Worker List” was launched March 1, 2020, by Central Neighbourhoods Winnipeg former Community Well-Being Coordinator Chance Dupuis. The list is updated on the 1st of every month and features mental health workers of different races, ethnicities, and mental health professions. This list is open source and free use. It was born from the community and will always belong to the community. Thank you Tamika for entrusting us with this project”

The BIPOC Mental Health Worker List is now hosted on the Nine Circles Community Health Centre (NCCHC) website as of November 1, 2021!

Welcome the BIPOC Mental Health Worker List to Nine Circles Community Health Centre!


Below is a list of other programs/ organizations that can provide supports/ counselling services in Manitoba: