Immigrant Partnership Winnipeg (IPW) – Fostering Safe Spaces Report launched

On January 15, 2020, MANSO, together with other stakeholders from the settlement sector, joined IPW on the launch of their new report. The report focuses on lessons learned and wise practices on building relationships between newcomers and Indigenous Peoples in Winnipeg, Canada. The main recommendation is to provide an orientation tool kit that contains information about Indigenous history and culture, and treaties, while facilitating discussions about stereotypes, telling positive stories about Indigenous communities and listing relevant resources for newcomers.

The project was sponsored by The Winnipeg Foundation through the Emerging Leaders Fellowship (ELF) program with the requirement to work with a local registered charitable organization – in this case, Immigration Partnership Winnipeg – to help build our community. This report is accessible under limited copyright protection. As long as this report is accurately and completely credited and not used for commercial motives, you may download, distribute, photocopy, cite or excerpt this document.

Read the full report here:

IPW report (English)

Rapport IPW (français)