Food Insecurity in Manitoba Videos (English with English subtitles)

Food Insecurity in Manitoba, is a series of 3 short videos (5 minutes each) focused on Experiences, Causes, and Solutions to food insecurity in Manitoba. The video series was launch on April 21, 2020. Using a montage of voices, the videos provide a snapshot of some of the systemic barriers to accessing safe, nutritious, and…

Where to buy Newcomer Traditional Foods in Winnipeg?

Sometimes, it can be hard to find traditional food in Winnipeg. These foods are important for good health, cultural traditions, and building community. Our friend, Food Matters Manitoba, has created this food map to guide and help all community members find healthy foods from around the world!

Canada’s Food Guide: Snapshot (Multilingual)

Food Guide Snapshot is now available in 28 languages. The Food Guide’s healthy eating messages are now accessible and useful for people living in Canada who speak languages other than English or French, including Indigenous Peoples, ethnic groups and newcomers to Canada. The Snapshot is now available in the following additional languages: Indigenous: Dene, Michif, Ojibwe,…

Food Matters Manitoba: Newcomer Food and Nutrition Network

The Newcomer Food and Nutrition Network is facilitated by Food Matters Manitoba to share resources and collectively advocate for healthy food for all newcomers in Winnipeg. See their website to access: Nutrition resources and recipes Nutrition programs and events Lists of traditional food caterers and retailers in Manitoba And much more!