Member Highlight: Enhanced English Skills for Employment (EESE) and English at Work

Enhanced English Skills for Employment (EESE) and English at Work are dedicated to excellence in language training that equips newcomers with the linguistic and essential skills and cultural knowledge required to succeed in the workplace or further education.

Enhanced English Skills for Employment is located on the 15th floor, 275 Portage Avenue. EESE offers curriculum-based, skill-specific courses in listening, speaking, reading, writing, presentation and pronunciation, designed to help students with CLB 5 – 8 reduce gaps in their language skills. The courses complement each other to develop students’ overall communicative competency.

EESE offers numerous extracurricular activities that support students’ successful integration into all aspects of life in Canada and provide additional language learning opportunities.

Guest speaker presentations provide useful information on community programs and services.

Fun activities, like the Happy Friday Sing Along, Idiom Days and Fun Quizzes, create a sense of community and encourage informal learning.

EESE provides flexibility that accommodates the busy lives of newcomers by offering:

  • 10-week sessions from September to June
  • 5-week summer session in July
  • morning, afternoon and evening courses that allow students to create a schedule that fits their lifestyle
  • a different course schedule every session, enabling students to take specific courses when it suits them

To study at EESE, students must:

  • be permanent residents
  • be referred by WELARC
  • register in person

English at Work, a component of EESE, offers onsite job-specific English language training for employees who need stronger language skills, Canadian workplace culture and essential skills to succeed and advance in the workplace. English at Work operates in a variety of sectors, including manufacturing, healthcare, childcare, IT, banking, education and the public sector.

The program is a partnership between English at Work, employees and employers.

English at Work provides:

  • trained and experienced English as Additional Language (EAL) instructors.
  • professional language assessments to identify workplace communication needs.
  • practical, job-specific English language and Canadian workplace culture training designed to meet workplace needs and complement other workplace training.

Employees benefit by:

  • increasing communication skills for their specific place of work
  • maximizing their potential and integrating successfully into the workplace

Employers benefit from:

  • growth in staff performance and productivity
  • increased worker adaptability
  • improved understanding of quality standards, increased understanding of health and safety training
  • enhanced confidence and morale in the workplace.

The English at Work program is flexible in scope and duration; a course can start anytime and be held anytime of the day and week. The program length may be anywhere from a few weeks to year-round. Typically, a single English at Work class is up to two hours. Classes are delivered directly at the work site, or at a central location that pools several organizations into one delivery site.

To learn more about EESE and English at Work, visit: twitter, Facebook, Instagram and website or contact: call – 204 927 4375, email – or visit 1500 – 275 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg

Office Hours:
Monday/Wednesday/Friday – 8:30 am to 4:00 pm
Tuesday/Thursday – 8:30 am to 8:30 pm

EESE and English at Work are funded by Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).