Member Highlight: Elmwood Community Resource Centre

Elmwood Community Resource Centre was founded in March 2001 by Elmwood Interagency Network, Chalmers Neighbourhood Project and West Elmwood Residents Association in consultation with the Elmwood Community. In May of 2002, Elmwood Community Resource Centre, Chalmers Neighbourhood Project, and West Elmwood Residents Association amalgamated their three organizations to create the Elmwood Community Resource Centre and Area Association (ECRCAA).

In February of 2011 the Elmwood Community Resource Centre and Area Association (ECRCAA) rebranded itself as the ECRC.  In 2012 our Bylaws was re-written to reflect the changes in the organization.

ECRC works closely with various groups and sister agencies in Elmwood to support community development initiatives. In doing so, ECRC offers a variety of programming for people seeking employment, youth, families and Newcomers to Canada.

Programs we offer include our Drop-In Service where anyone is free to come by and use the computer, phone, fax, photocopier and stop in for coffee.

In addition to our drop-in, we also offer our Elmwood Youth Employment Experience (EYEE) Program. This program is a 16 week paid employment program that assists youth between the ages of 16-30 find and maintain a job. Our job coach works with each of our youth to find the best fit according to their individual’s needs. Continuing education is also promoted through our course.

For those who are looking at upgrading we offer our GOAL Program. The Adult Literacy program is designed to help our participants with reading and writing, math skills and life skills, and prepare for the GED test so that they can either continue post-secondary education or obtain a meaningful job.

With the surge in Newcomers and Immigrants to the Elmwood area, we have our Neighbourhood Immigrant Settlement (NISW) Program to help support them through different services while supporting them with resources available to them. Our two NISW staff aim to make each individuals experience as smooth and pleasant as possible.

To better support the parents of Elmwood, we also offer our Healthy Baby Program which provides new mothers of up to one year old the opportunity to make connections with other parents from the community as well as professional and support staff.  The babies also have the opportunity to make connection with other babies. In conjunction with the facilitator, we have a dietician on site that promotes healthy dental and eating habits and is there to answer any questions parents may have about their little ones.  Child minding for older children is included.

To include Elmwood’s youth and involve them in our community, we provide youth ages 12-17 with our Youth in Elmwood Arts and Recreation (YEAR) after-school program Monday to Friday from 4-8 PM.  The YEAR Program is a supportive, safe place for youth to come learn and grow, featuring multi-cultural teachings as well as arts and crafts, nutrition, recreational activities and life skills training. We strongly believe when a person feels good about themselves and their achievements it will encourage them to make informed and positive life choices.  Self-esteem is essential in a youth’s life and we want to build their self -esteems with a lot of encouragement, positive role modeling, and mentoring.

  • In collaboration with our YEAR Program, we also offer the Homework Education for Elmwood Youth (HEEY) at Elmwood High School where we mentor youth in their studies and encourage further learning and long-term goals.
  • Additionally, our Leadership classes for youth ages12-18 years old work to develop leadership skills and confidence so as to properly navigate their entry into adulthood.

Our Lighthouses Program is offered at River-Elm & Lord Selkirk schools where we engage children in literacy, healthy lifestyles and life skills.

  • During the summer, we offer Literacy Camp to promote literacy as well as help overcome social barriers in children 6-11 years old.

As we strive to benefit the community of Elmwood, we are always expanding and adding new resources to the Centre. The newest addition to our programming is our full time counselling service.

Our counselling services provide therapeutic counselling in the areas of family violence, mental health and trauma. Our counsellors work to empower families and individuals to pursue personal growth and self-reliance for adults, children and families so that they can attain their full potential. In addition the program aims at providing access to resources & referral to other government stakeholders, and community-based organizations.

Furthermore, ECRC hosts at least four community events every year, Take Pride Elmwood Celebrate Canada, Breakfast with Santa, Community Holiday Celebration and International Women’s Day.

Elmwood is a flourishing community and ECRC strives to reach its full potential by continuing to serve and grow with it. We at ECRC are committed to building community in Elmwood with resources and supports that make our neighborhood a great place to live, work and raise a family. Everyone is welcome and we aim to support everyone any way that we can. Here are some pictures from our various programming!

For more information about Elmwood Community Resource Centre, please check out our website or contact us at 204-982-1720