MANSO releases updated guide on services for refugee claimants

The Manitoba Association of Newcomer Serving Organizations is pleased to release the updated guide of the services in Manitoba that are available to refugee claimants.

Link to this resource is found here

It is important to recognize that the settlement and integration process takes time and, especially for some, income and literacy support is of utmost importance. This guide provides information on the services that are available to refugee claimants in all the aspects that will enable them to transition smoothly in the community.

Services such as;

–       Transportation information

–       Temporary housing, reception and paralegal support

–       Conversation circles and online programs

–       Employment services

–       Services for youth and children

–       Health and mental health services

–       Social and financial supports

It is important that everyone play a role in the response to refugee claimants: all levels of government, institutions, community organizations and individual citizens. The many offers to volunteer and contribute in various ways are gratefully received and underline the desire of Canadians across the country to welcome refugees.

We should look forward to the many ways in which refugees will contribute positively to our communities in showing their courage and resilience.

MANSO is grateful for the opportunity to work with many organizations and communities that provide the vital supports that are beneficial to the refugee community.

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