IRCC 2-year pilot program – Sponsoring undeclared family members

Do you have any clients who want to sponsor undeclared family members?  As of September 9, 2019, IRCC launched a 2-year pilot project that allows a refugee who has failed to declare a family member the chance to sponsor undeclared immediate family members. The pilot project for sponsorship of previously undeclared family members will last two years- from Sept. 9, 2019, to Sept. 9, 2021.  This is an exciting initiative for so many individuals who came to Canada as privately or government-sponsored refugees and a great opportunity for family reunification.
Some Highlights of the Pilot Program
  • Undeclared family members will be sponsored via Family Class
  • Dependent children have to mee the definition of a dependent child
  • The standard fees for processing application must be paid
  • This new initiative does not apply for Economic Class, permit holders, parents, grandparents and their dependent children and for individuals who came under the basis of humanitarian and compassionate ground (H and C).

MANSO has compiled a document that summarized the initiative for your information.

We encourage you to take steps to confirm information from IRCC is up-to-date using the hyperlink provided below before making any decisions.