Altered Minds Inc (AMi) welcomes refugees and immigrants to Manitoba and promotes the well-being of their families and communities. We are located in downtown Winnipeg at 400-259 Portage Avenue. Our diverse team speaks 16 different languages, and we deliver three major programs and related services for newcomers (Entry Program, Living English, and Settlement Online Pre-Arrival).

Entry Program

The Entry Program provides settlement orientation and English language practice for permanent residents in a 1 week or 4 week format, depending on one’s level of English proficiency. To register for the Entry Program, newcomers go first to Manitoba Start, our sister agency. Participants learn the most essential information newcomers need to know about health, employment and education, laws, and important programs and services.

We also offer Entry Program Online (EPO) for immigrants who cannot attend in-person classes. The online program features self-guided learning, facilitated group sessions and the opportunity to meet one-on-one with the facilitator.  A French version of the course (Programme d’orientation enligne, POE) is available on demand.

AMi provides interpretation supports for participants in our programs and assists other agencies in finding interpreters for their clients. We currently have 32 accredited interpreters and 108 languages in our database. We use our interpreters most often at the Entry Program during Wednesday Guest Speaker Days. If you need an interpreter or have questions about interpretation services, please contact Albina Bushueva at

Every Friday afternoon our clients can make an appointment to speak with a newcomer advisor one-on-one about settlement needs and questions, and receive specific referrals to other agencies that can help.

Orientation videos on a variety of different topics are freely accessible on our website. English language teachers, newcomers and prospective immigrants use these videos.

Living English

Living English is a summer language program for learners with the most limited English skills. Every week, students go out to engage with the community, enjoy summer activities and practice language skills in authentic settings. To quote a current student, “I am very happy, Living English is very, very good”.

Settlement Online Pre-Arrival (SOPA)

SOPA is our online hub providing guidance and free personalized employment supports for immigrants destined to Canada. Our facilitators help immigrants to improve their job search skills, workplace communication, and connect them to local settlement agencies before arriving in Manitoba. Check out our YouTube video and share it with your networks as most new clients come to us through word of mouth referrals and promotion by previous clients.

Please, visit our website or, call us at 204-944-0133 or, email: if you have any questions about our programs and services.

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Living English