Recording: Office of the Manitoba Fairness Commissioner (OMFC) Webinar June 2020

This video shares the presentation portion of a webinar recorded on June 16th, 2020.

The goal of the webinar was to help newcomer service providers understand what fairness means for regulated professions as the OMFC works towards ensuring that registration practices are fair to internationally educated applicants.

Eileen May & Robert Millman, Policy Analysts with the Office of the Manitoba Fairness Commissioner, present on their mandate and a new guide to help internationally educated professionals to understand:

  • what regulated professions in Manitoba should be doing to ensure applicants are treated fairly,
  • what you can do if you feel you have been treated unfairly and
  • resources to help service providers and applicants to regulated professions

Links to the resources mentioned in the webinar can be found in the presentation slides at the link below the recording.

This webinar was offered with the support of the MANSO Employment committee.


Office of the Manitoba Fairness Commissioner (OMFC) Webinar  – presentation portion (duration: 00:41:27)