Manitoba Settlement Guidebook & Checklist for Private Sponsors

This Manitoba Settlement Guidebook & Checklist for Private Sponsors was created to meet the needs of Manitoba Sponsorship Agreement Holders (SAHs), their Constituent Groups, Group of Five, and Community Groups who would like to engage in sponsoring refugees in Canada. We hope that this Guidebook will support private sponsors and as well as offer concrete guidance to those working to design community sponsorship programs tailored to their own context.

Sponsors may also find this PSR-BVOR Settlement Checklist valuable.  This post-arrival settlement checklist can be used or adapted by you/your team to prepare for those first critical hours, weeks, and months after the arrival of sponsored newcomer(s).

Compiled and written by Seid Oumer Ahmed and Michelle Strain of the Manitoba Association of Newcomer Serving Organizations (MANSO).  We would like to acknowledge that we benefited tremendously from the information on sponsorship in Calgary on the SAH Association’s website when we compiled and developed the Manitoba version.

Settlement Guidebook for Private Sponsors

This guidebook is current as of February 2023. We encourage you to take steps to confirm information from the government is up-to-date using the links provided before making any decisions. If you find the guide is out-of-date or a hyperlink is not working, please let us know at