Hindi language Dementia Toolkit

This is a free Hindi language Toolkit डिमेंशिया से ग्रस्त व्यक्ति से संवाद करना (Translation: Interacting with persons with Dementia”) by Dr. Ferzana Chaze and Nellie Groenenberg (Professors, Sheridan College), Danielle Farrell (Alzheimer Society of Peel) and Rajni Sharma and Jasleen Kaur (Students, Social Service Worker Gerontology program, Sheridan College).

The toolkit, created in simple conversational Hindi, includes 8 scenarios that family members/caregivers may encounter while caring for persons with dementia. These scenarios include interactions relating to trouble sleeping, aggression, reluctance to take a bath, repetition, anger, misinforming, and being in the past. For each scenario, an interaction is presented, followed by a narrator who comes in and discusses why the interaction was not ideal. The more ideal interaction is then presented followed again by the narrator highlighting why the second interaction was more ideal. The toolkit also includes links to credible resources on Dementia in Hindi.

The Toolkit can be freely accessible at this link: 



Below are some English language educational materials on caring for persons with dementia from credible sources that can be used to translate or create educational content for culturally different groups.