MANSO Submission to Provincial Housing Consultations

The Manitoba Government is currently undertaking consultations on housing using a variety of methods.

Access to stable and affordable housing has many far-reaching benefits connected to community, economic and social development. It includes collaboration between government, communities, non-profit organizations and the private sector.

Input about your housing needs and the housing needs in your community will help ensure that our priorities remain relevant.

As well as participating in in-person consultations in Winnipeg, MANSO’s Housing Committee prepared a written submission.  The submission includes newcomer-specific recommendations, as well as affirming on some of the recommendations developed by Right to Housing, a broad-based coalition which promotes access to affordable housing.


The Manitoba government is also inviting Manitobans to participate in a survey on housing needs that will help shape the future priorities of Manitoba Housing.  MANSO encourages newcomer serving organizations to respond.  Please submit your responses by end-of-day November 18, 2016