MANSO launches Accessible Customer Service Standards Online Course

In partnership with the Society for Manitobans with Disabilities and English Online, MANSO is launching an online course for staff and volunteers of our member organizations to learn about the Accessible Customer Service Standards that are part of the Accessibility for Manitobans Act.

The Accessibility for Manitobans Act became law in Manitoba in December 2013.  It establishes a process to work to remove barriers affecting persons with disabilities and many other citizens.

The government has worked with public and private sector organizations to develop accessibility standards.  One of the accessibility standards is about Customer Service, which includes all types of programs and services that can be accessed by the public, including settlement services.  Other standards are being developed, and we will share more information as it is available.

This course covers foundational knowledge for all staff and volunteers of settlement service providers to understand the Customer Service Standard.

Staff at our member organizations can register online, using their member portal log-ins.

  • The course should take 45-90 minutes to complete and costs $5/person. When it is completed, you will receive an electronic participation certificate from SMD.
  • The course has some text and some video components, so participants will need a computer with speakers or headphones.
  • The registration will take 3-5 days to process. We recommend you register at least a week before you plan to complete the course.

This course is a starting point in making our programs more accessible. We encourage everyone to continue to learn more about the topics covered in the course by exploring the Additional Resources section.