List of Resources: Support for the Ukrainian community in Canada

Last updated: September 2022

Below is a list of resources that MANSO has compiled to keep you informed of the current situation.

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Frequently Asked Questions (from Ukrainian Safe Haven)

The following list of Frequently Asked Questions is managed and updated by CISSA-ACSEI as part of the Ukrainian Safe Haven website. They are not specific to Manitoba, but rather they provide information relevant to Ukrainians settling anywhere in Canada.

Federal information, resources, and updates

Current information on measures

Visit IRCC’s immigration measures for people affected by the situation in Ukraine page for updates, resources and contact information, including:

  1. Contacting IRCC about the situation in Ukraine
  2. Status of IRCC’s offices overseas
  3. If you have immediate family in Ukraine
  4. Find useful information and resources if you are in Ukraine or if you are in Canada
  5. What happens next

Ways to get involved

“Operation Ukrainian Safe Haven” is funded by IRCC and coordinated in partnership with the UCC. Learn more about how you can help at . This is a centralized hub where Canadians can share offers of housing or employment, donate money or goods and services, or sign u up to volunteer.

  • Offers will be matched appropriately with provincial coordination hubs within each province.

CUAET (Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel visa) and other immigration and travel updates

Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel

The Canada-Ukraine authorization for emergency travel is open as of March 17, 2022. Click here to learn more.

Medical exam

The federal government is waiving the pre-arrival immigration medical exam requirement for Ukrainian refugees until 90 days after they arrive in Canada. If you need a medical exam to remove restrictions on your open work permit:

  • There is no cost for the exam in Manitoba.
  • You will need to present your Ukrainian ID, your CUAET visa and a Manitoba health card at the time of appointment. The nine-digit health number provided by Manitoba Health may be used if you do not have your physical health card.

Scroll down to “Open work permits for Ukrainians” to learn more about the medical exam.

Ukrainian settlement: Travelling to and settling in Canada

Visit this page to prepare before you travel to Canada, to learn more about your arrival at a Canadian airport, and to know where to find resources once you have landed, by province.

  • Are you in Warsaw? Click here to learn more about the new Canada Information Centre (CI Centre) in Warsaw, Poland.

New immigration streams for Ukrainian nationals

On March 3, 2022, IRCC issued a news release announcing the following new immigration streams for Ukrainian nationals who want to come to Canada temporarily or permanently:

  • Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel (CUAET), available for all Ukrainian nationals wishing to come to Canada temporarily; can be extended by at least 2 years.
  • Special family reunification sponsorship pathway for permanent residence, for Ukrainian nationals who are immediate and extended family members of Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

More information on these new temporary and permanent residence programs, including processing times, will be available in the coming days and weeks. Visit IRCC’s website for future updates.

Open work permits for Ukrainians

If you did not request a work permit when applying for a CUAET, or if you have questions about your current open work permit, click here to learn more.

  • Removing medical exemptions: Click here to learn how to arrange for a medical exam, to remove medical restrictions on your work permit
  • If you need help, click here to use a web form, or call +1-613-321-4243

Vaccination exemption for Ukrainian nationals

You can enter Canada if you’re a Ukrainian national who is not fully vaccinated and you have a:

  • temporary resident visa (visitor visa)
  • temporary resident permit or
  • written notice of approval for an application for permanent residence in Canada

Click here to learn more, including testing requirements.

Settlement services for Ukrainian nationals

On March 30, Minister Sean Fraser announced that key settlement services will be available to Ukrainian nationals, including:

  • language training
  • information about and orientation to life in Canada, such as help with enrolling children in school
  • information and services to help access the labour market, including mentoring, networking, counselling, skills development and training
  • activities that promote connections with communities
  • assessments of other needs Ukrainians may have and referrals to appropriate agencies
  • services targeted to the needs of women, seniors, youth and LGBTQ2+ persons
  • other settlement supports available through the Settlement Program

Please refer to 3. Settlement services and support for list of free settlement services in Manitoba.

Welcome to Canada – Ukrainians coming to Canada

IRCC developed this portal, which includes detailed information and resources translated to Ukrainian on the following:

Financial assistance

Click here to learn more about the one-time, non-taxable benefit provided by the Federal Government to Ukrainian families who are in Canada under the Canada-Ukraine authorization for emergency travel (CUAET)

Factsheets: Canada-Ukraine Transitional Financial Assistance

Emergency IRCC contact information for current applicants

  • (updated March 3, 2022) IRCC established a dedicated service channel for Ukraine immigration enquiries available for clients both in Canada and abroad at 613-321-4243, with collect calls accepted. Clients can add the keyword “Ukraine2022” to the IRCC crisis web form with their enquiry and it will be prioritized.

Emergency contact information for Canadians in Ukraine (not related to immigration)

Anyone in need of help can call the government’s 24/7 Emergency Watch and Response Centre, based in Ottawa. The centre can be reached:

  • By telephone at 1-613-996-8885
  • By email at
  • By text message at 1-613-686-3658

Canada Revenue Agency

Social Insurance Numbers are issued to temporary residents with a work permit or study permit, as well as permanent residents and Canadian citizens.

The following factsheet explains how to protect your SIN in various languages:

The following factsheet explains some federal benefits that Ukrainian nationals might be entitled to, after they arrive in Canada:

Welcome to Canada guide and other Service Canada resources

Service Canada’s Welcome to Canada guide was prepared to provide newly-arrived Ukrainians with essential information necessary during their first days in Canada. It is available in three languages:

Click here to see a guide by Service Canada on how to access financial assistance and related services for Ukrainian arrivals.

Webinar: CUAET Visa and Financial Support for Ukrainians Arriving in Canada

Click here to watch the recording in English of the webinar “CUAET Visa and Financial Support for Ukrainians Arriving in Canada”, hosted by OCASI and presented by IRCC and Service Canada. Cliquez ici pour l’interprétation en français de ce webinaire.

Other resources in Ukrainian

The Government of Canada translated to Ukrainian the press release regarding support of Ukrainian Nationals, the backgrounder on the Canadian-Ukrainian Emergency Travel Permit, and a backgrounder on additional immigration support for victims of the situation in Ukraine:

Ukrainian nationals in Canada unable to go back home

Visit the section for Ukrainian nationals in Canada on IRCC’s website to extend or renew your immigration status as a visitor, student, or worker, or to see if you can apply for a work permit as a temporary resident.


Provincial information, resources and updates

Temporary Assistance Program (TAP)

Click here and scroll down to Temporary Assistance Program (TAP) to learn more about the monthly income provided by the Province to Ukrainian arrivals for basic needs and will support the transition from temporary provincial reception hotel accommodations to longer-term community rental housing.

  • Further information on eligibility details and the application process is available at 204-945-5324 or

TAP requirements and documents checklist:

Click here to watch the recording of the TAP information session held on July 14, 2022, presented by Erin Whittaker of the Province of Manitoba.
Disclaimer: The information presented at this session is subject to changes by the Province of Manitoba. Please visit for the most up-to-date information on the TAP

Manitoba for Ukraine – resources by the Manitoba Government

The Government of Manitoba created the website with information on what the Province is doing, and how to immigrate through the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program.

Shared Health and WRHA resources for Ukrainians (health)

Shared Health created this page with relevant health-related resources, links and contact information for Ukrainian Arrivals.

Below you can download an info sheet with various Winnipeg-based health resources and contacts for Ukrainians. These include mental health resources and access to interpreters when requesting health services:

Manitoba Health Card

Manitoba Health issues a card (or registration certificate) to all Manitoba residents, which includes a 9-digit lifetime identification number for each family member. Ukrainians travelling to Manitoba under the federal program, Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel (CUAET), are eligible for health care coverage as of the date they arrive in Manitoba.

Resources for Parents

Newcomer Parent Guides for schools

The Province prepared school guides in English, Ukrainian, Russian, and French for newcomer parents of school-aged children:

Child care subsidy

All refugees and Ukrainian temporary residents in Manitoba are eligible for a child care subsidy for their first six months of child care. Click here to download the subsidy application.

(new!) Manitoba School System & Registration Process

MANSO, NEEDS, UCC and Immigrant Centre recently hosted an information session on the Manitoba School System & Registration Process, with Ukrainian interpretation, which was recorded here.

(new!) Manitoba Hydro Information

New Journey Housing has created a Ukrainian language video to assist newcomers needing to set up a new account with Manitoba Hydro, and how to waive the connection fee.


Settlement services and support

(new!) Ukraine Reception Centre Calendar

Visit this link regularly to see the updated calendar for the Ukrainian Reception Centre in Winnipeg.

Needs assessments, referrals, and other services

Manitoba Start provides central registration services and Needs and Assets Assessment and Referral Services (NAARS) for all newcomers arriving to facilitate awareness of settlement supports, linking to language training, the workforce and longer-term settlement needs.

  • Click here to learn how to register for services with Manitoba Start
  • Click here to visit the website Welcome to Winnipeg (Winnipeg Settlement & Orientation)
  • Click here to watch the video “Winnipeg Introduction for Newcomers” in Ukrainian

Settlement agencies offer free services to newcomers in Manitoba, to support them in their settlement and integration process. To find a service provider near you, you can:

  • Click here to find free IRCC-funded newcomer services near you (website maintained by IRCC)
  • Click here to find MANSO member agencies providing free settlement services in Manitoba
  • Click here to find MANSO member agencies providing free employment search support in Manitoba
  • For any other free services offered by MANSO members, click here and then filter by type of service offered, using the “Website category” drop-down menu under the Search section on the right.

Mental Health resources:

  • Contact Klinic for free, confidential counselling and 24/7 support and referrals for anyone experiencing a crisis – 204-786-8686 / 1-888-322-3019
  • Children and youth can call the Kids Help Phone at 1-800-668-6868; it is available 24/7 in English, French, Ukrainian, Russian, Pashto, Dari, Mandarin and Arabic.
  • MANSO has compiled a list of summer programming available to Ukrainians across Manitoba, specifically focusing on language and youth programs. This document will be updated on a regular basis. If you are aware of additional programming or have updated information, please contact
  • Anyone feeling increased anxiety, stress, or depression about the war in Ukraine can subscribe to Hope4Ukraine. People can receive advice and encouragement, through daily messages in one of four languages. These messages are helpful in developing healthy personal coping skills and resiliency. Click here for more information.



Other information and resources

Recreation, transit, safety resources by the City of Winnipeg

Winnipeg residents, including Ukrainian individuals arriving under CUAET, are eligible to the following programs provided by the City of Winnipeg:

The Winnipeg Police Service prepared these informational sheets in English and in Ukrainian with advice about personal safety, and contacts for emergencies and to schedule a presentation.

The Winnipeg Public Library prepared these Welcome to the Library information sheets in English and in Ukrainian. Additionally, the following resources by TD Summer Reading Club in English and in Ukrainian about reading for fun, for children.

Welcome packages from Canadian Red Cross

Visit this page to learn more about the Canadian Red Cross’s response to the Ukraine Crisis.

Click below to download the welcome packages in Ukrainian, Russian, English, and French:

NOTE: The above packages include information about other provinces that is not applicable to Manitoba. However, we recommend that users consult the following sections of the guide:

  • Information from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
  • Information from Canadian Red Cross
  • Information from Service Canada
  • Information from Public Safety Canada
  • Information from Canada Revenue Agency

Resources for Educators

COVID-19 information in Ukrainian and Russian

Click here to find a regularly updated list of information and resources about COVID-19, vaccination, and prevention. All resources are by federal and provincial government sources unless otherwise noted.

  • Recently added: COVID-19 factsheets by Metropolis Social Determinants of Health – includes 7 factsheets addressing topics like Omicron, boosters, testing, and child vaccination

Interpretation Services

CanTalk’s 24/7 interpretation services via phone are available for verifiable organizations in order to speak, and translate as needed, with those Ukrainian citizens and refugees arriving in Manitoba, from other areas of Canada, from Ukraine OR with those in countries surrounding Ukraine and in languages required. Please refer to their Offer of Language Assistance for more information and contact details.


  • Jobs for Ukraine: The Federal Government maintains this page with job opportunities submitted by employers for Ukrainian Nationals
  • Economic Development Winnipeg’s Business Development team, YES! Winnipeg, added a section to their Job Connections Portal to connect Ukrainians with job opportunities submitted by employers.
  • Manitoba Start partners with Manitoba employers to identify opportunities in many fields and industries. Check their job postings for opportunities for Ukrainian nationals.


MANSO is sharing these resources for information purposes only. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information, but we are making every effort to only provide information produced by trusted sources. We also do not promote or endorse any additional services offered on a third-party website. The situation is very fluid, and information can change rapidly. Please refer to the Government of Canada website for the most up-to-date information.