MEMBER HIGHLIGHTS: Jewish Child and Family Service

Jewish Child and Family Service (JCFS) is a multifaceted, dynamic agency that provides a wide range of services to members of the Jewish community, with some extending to wider public. Settlement Services is an integral piece of the organization and serves hundreds of families every year. The JCFS Settlement team guide a family throughout their journey to Canada and after they land. Pre-Arrival Services provides information and assistance to prepare newcomers for their arrival in Canada and the first steps of establishing a life in Winnipeg. Once a newcomer has landed in Winnipeg, they are welcomed at JCFS and provided with full orientation and assessment. After arrival, Settlement Services supports, guides, and connects newcomers along their journey through life. JCFS will also make full referrals to other organization as needed. JCFS has a client-centered approach to service and the main goals are to facilitate successful settlement and integration.

Further to the landed process, JCFS offers additional programs to help the newest members of our community successfully establish and grow their lives in Canada. We offer Integration Programs throughout the year, free of charge. Each session is designed to address topics of interest to newcomers (i.e. income tax, money management skills, writing a will) and is often partnered with other organizations within the community. Additionally, we offer integration programs that are specifically designed for seniors.

Newcomer Employment services provides newcomers information about finding employment, labor market, and referrals to services providers. Through this program, we also support newcomers through our Community professional Connections Program (CPC). The CPC program connects newcomers with professionals within their related fields and provides opportunities to further develop a professional network in the city.

When a client comes through JCFS, they are welcomed into a caring, resourceful community of individuals who are keen to empower clients throughout their settlement journey.

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