This information has been provided by our member organizations for use by other service providers.  Programs are listed alphabetically A-Z.  We will try to keep it up to date as we know things are changing quickly.

Any MANSO member who would like to update their information, please complete an updated survey here or, if necessary, contact us at

MANSO has a list of emergency contacts at agencies, if you need to contact another member urgently, feel free to reach out.


Name of program: Addictions Foundation of Manitoba
City / Town: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Office status: AFM offices are open. Out-patient and community based supports and services will be provided -Via telephone -Virtual – In person
Program status: AFM community based programming is indefinitely suspended where social distancing principals cannot be met. In house treatment remains open.
Client contact: Newcomer Youth and Family Project Tannis Ross 204-250-1912 Femi Oyinloye 204-250-2097 /Youth Intake Myles Hildebrand 204-944-6274
Name of program: African Communities of Manitoba Inc. (ACOMI) – Visible Minority Newcomer Women program
City / Town: Winnipeg
Office status: Office Closed / staff working remotely / receiving phone and email messages
Program status: Program coordinators are in contact with program participants
Client contact: Clients can contact staff by phone, email or social media on any questions
Notes: We are hosting a Daily Hello where clients can call in to a conference call, staff are on the line to provide a friendly check-in to see how clients are doing. In addition, our settlement worker will be contacting any clients that are more vulnerable and not participating in the Daily Hello.
Name of program: A & O: Senior Immigrant Settlement Services
City / Town: Winnipeg
Office status: Office is closed as of March 17, 2020. All staff are working remotely and checking voicemail and email regularly.
Program status: All classes are running through Zoom online.
Client contact: email or phone the office
Notes: We are hosting a Daily Hello where clients can call in to a conference call, staff are on the line to provide a friendly check-in to see how clients are doing. In addition, our settlement worker will be contacting any clients that are more vulnerable and not participating in the Daily Hello.
Name of program: Asessippi Parkland Settlement Services
City / Town: Roblin – Shoal Lake/Hamiota – based in Russell
Office status: Staff full time
Program status: To make an appointment beforehand instead of dropping in.
Client contact: Facebook Messenger, Text, Email or phoning
Name of program: Canadian Muslim Women’s Institute
City / Town: Winnipeg
Office status: The office is open Mondays and Wednesdays. Minimum staff in office. Receiving phone calls and emails.
Program status: Online support group to Somali women in first language on Thursday afternoons. The group will be hosted on Zoom. Please call 204-943-8539 to register or email

Interpretation and Translation services are being given on the phone. Food Bank on alternate Wednesdays is still running. Next Food Bank is 1st April. Only for registered clients from Winnipeg Harvest.

Halal Food Pantry open by appointment.

Taxes done through drop-off forms. Call office between 10-3.

The cooking and sewing programs will soon be offering online classes. Please email or call 204-943-8539 ext. 209 to register.

Client contact: Call our office (204)943-8539 dial (0) for the front desk.
Notes: We are checking in with clients through phone. If there are any Arabic or Somali speaking families that any SPO needs us to contact, please let us know. We are here to help so people don’t feel isolated in these times.
Name of program: Eastman Immigrant Services
City / Town: Steinbach, MB
Office status: Office with less hours/staffed,  working remotely/receiving phone or email inquiries only
Program status: Some programs running remotely if possible
Client contact: Phonecalls/Email
Name of program: EDGE ESL
City / Town: Winnipeg
Office status: Rene Deleurme Centre is closed until further notice.  Staff working from home, available to answer phone calls and emails
Program status: Classes are continuing via alternative delivery methods
Client contact:  or by calling 204-255-5390 (messages are checked daily)
Name of program: English Online
City / Town: Winnipeg
Office status: English Online operates remotely at 100%. The Office is closed.
Program status: English Online continues to provide informal language training and settlement support without any changes due to COVID-19.
Client contact: Clients can contact staff via and 1-204-946-5140.
Notes: If any SPOs require assistance on running remotely, English Online can help.
Name of program: Enhanced English Skills for Employment (EESE)
City / Town: Winnipeg
Office status: Working remotely
Program status: We continue to operate our current classes online.
Client contact: Our email is active and our phone messages are checked. Facebook and Website updated regularly.
Notes: We will continue to offer our classes on line. See website for details (
Name of program: Family Dynamics: Family Supports for Refugees / NISW program in South- South West Winnipeg
City / Town: Winnipeg
Office status: Our office will be closed to walk in clients. Staff are working remotely and available to clients by phone and if needed in person. All staff can be reached by email and phone.
Program status: Case management supports are continuing. All NISW groups are cancelled
Client contact: Clients have all been contacted by their case managers and have a plan for support. Regular contact will be kept with clients. Case managers can be contacted for support as needed.
Notes: To ensure the safety of our staff we are screening using the same questions as the Health Care Centres prior to any direct work with clients. We are prioritizing urgent needs during this time (health, mental health, financial, food, medicine, safety).
Name of program: Immigrant Centre Manitoba – all programs
City / Town: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Office status:
Physical office closed, all staff working remotely via email, phone and/or through virtual platforms.
Program status: In-person services are suspended. Front desk has moved to email, new client registration is done online now. All facilitators continue to help clients via email or phone. All classes and workshops postponed until further notice, except for Volunteer EAL Workshops, which are held via Zoom. Language Bank services temporarily suspended.
Client contact: Front desk available at , and new client registration available at Settlement and Employment clients should email their Facilitators. Clients registered for workshops and classes (except for AEC) can email the manager who registered them. All other clients are asked to monitor our website and social media accounts for updates.
Notes: We created a page with useful information for newcomers, updated daily:
Name of program: Immigration Partnership Winnipeg
City / Town: Winnipeg
Office status: Staff working remotely
Program status: Indirect services continuing, and meetings will take place over the phone or via video-conferencing
Client contact: n/a
Name of program: Interlake Immigrant Settlement Services
City / Town: Interlake
Office status: Office is closed, signs on the door with phone # that they can still receive services. staff working remotely.
Program status:
Client contact: Clients will continue to phone call and email.
Notes: As Interlake Immigrant Settlement Services did not get funding after March 31st 2020. Program will not continue after April 1
Name of program: IRCOM (Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba)
City / Town: Winnipeg
Office status: The offices are closed to walk-ins. Reception is being staffed but the lines are being forwarded to a staff who is working remotely, so we are not answering our doors at this point (just phone access, our main number 204-943-8765)
Program status: Sites:

IRCOM has 2 residential sites, one at 95 Ellen and one at 215 Isabel. Both remain ‘open’ in that we continue to house refugee newcomer families. We are taking in new tenants as we have some vacancies. We are extending leases (ours is normally 3 year transitional housing) for now, so that we do not have any move-outs during the pandemic.

Our adult ESL classes at Hugh John Macdonald school have closed. Our operations at our satellite site at 370/2 Notre Dame have closed (and all portable assets, e.g. laptops, projectors, etc. have been moved to our main sites)


These programs are no longer offered in their regular format (e.g. group programs, drop-ins, 1-1s) as of March 17 until April 13 (at which point we might move all to virtual or alternative service delivery where possible)

•             No after-school and evening drop-in programming for youth (from all over Winnipeg)

•             No sports for youth (we have 5-7 teams, soccer, basketball, etc)

•             No after-school programming for children living in the building.

•             No homework program for grades 7-12

•             No taxes and other financial literacy programs

•             The ECD Hub daycare is closed as of Friday

•             Our volunteer program is closed


•             Housing staff- continue with urgent tenant issues, building maintenance, crucial repairs, rent, fire inspections, security guards for 8 hours shifts, nightly, etc. (pest control has apparently been suspended by Manitoba housing)

•             Settlement staff- moving to a ‘remote’ system for tenants – where tenants have been given a new number to call-and we will try and work with families by phone where at all possible. Some provisions for urgent in-person services.

•             Reception is being staffed but the lines are being forwarded to a staff who is working remotely, so we are not answering our doors at this point (just phone access, our main number 204-943-8765)

•             High needs/critical services

o             Our settlement team and after school program are identifying and prioritizing high needs family and youth and will create action plans to help these families problem-solve supports, networks. The teams will do check-ins by phone/with interpreters and will conduct specialized Needs Assessments, and will do case management remotely referring families to new options for income support, re prevention, re changing laws and restrictions, etc. We will provide limited in-person support for crises if it’s not a 911 level emergency.

o             For youth /schooling, the after school program is starting to use virtual platforms, and connecting frequently with youth, to help them with the schoolwork they are being assigned at school. The grade 12s in particular are a critical group to maintain supports for.

Again, any services we do provide are moving towards ‘remote’ (phone) service and/or ‘virtual/on-line’ by using apps and various platforms.


Client contact: Currently IRCOM’s main number is operational 9 AM-5 PM, 204-943-8765. We have contacted/and will contact all current clients in person, to update them and maintain alternative service delivery where possible.
Notes: We are transitioning from a short-term plan to a longer-term Service Continuity Plan. Will update as we make changes.
Name of program: Jewish Child and Family Service – Settlement Services
City / Town: Winnipeg
Office status: Staff working remotely, receiving phone calls and emails
Program status: No in person contact, however we are available to be in contact by phone or electronically (zoom, facetime, etc)
Client contact: Phone our main agency line (204) 477-7430 or by email
Name of program: Klinic Community Health
City / Town: Manitoba
Office status:
Program status: Offering health care and counseling appointments over the phone. Seeing clients in person for health services appointments at 870 Portage Avenue when necessary.
Client contact: If you are a client of Klinic or want to access one of their drop-in programs, please call 204-784-4090
Name of program: Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council (MIIC): Settlement, Life Skills, In-Canada Protection Program, One Year Window, Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program
City / Town: Winnipeg, rural Manitoba
Office status: Office closed; Receiving email inquiries at
Program status: Services are being provided remotely through the use of telephone, computer and other technology methods.
Client contact: Email:
Name of program: Manitoba Possible – Newcomer Navigation and Support Program (aka. The EthnoCultural Program)
City / Town: Winnipeg
Office status: Our office is open with some staff available. Most staff are working remotely and checking messages and contacting clients as much as possible. We re-assess daily, as information is made available by the Manitoba Provincial Government.
Program status: The Newcomer Navigation and Support Unit, (aka the EthnoCultural program) is continuing. The program staff are in contact with their clients on a daily basis, checking in with them to problem solve solutions to issues they are facing, provide information on where to find resources on the current situation and be there to listen to their concerns.
Client contact: Current clients of the program have direct access to our team to access supports. For new referrals please contact Traicy Robertson, the program Supervisor, at or leave a voice mail at 204 975-3121. Our goal is to try to return all calls to this number on the day they are made.
Notes: We have done our best to contact all clients who had appointments to cancel, and once this is done, we will call everyone to rebook
Name of program: Manitoba Start
City / Town: Winnipeg
Office status: Receiving phone & e-mail inquiries.
Program status: We have made the difficult decision to suspend in-person service delivery and training sessions in order to support social distancing efforts in Manitoba.

We will still continue to provide services through the use of phone, computer and other technology methods.

Client contact: Newcomer Clients: We encourage you to connect with your Career Coaches and Job Developers via email or office phone (or the general phone line) To register for Manitoba Start services or for general inquiries, email or phone 204-944-8833 Continue to check our website for current job postings and live-broadcasted events
Notes: Please phone or email Manitoba Start and we will return your inquiries within 24 hours. We will be making efforts to provide technical support/connection, home-based learning materials and some online content to our current clients both newcomers and businesses. Please continue to monitor our website for updates @
Name of program: MFL Occupational Health Centre – Cross Cultural Community Development Program
City / Town: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Office status: Open Monday to Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm with the minimum number of staff, only for essential services. Phone help provides for work-related injures, hazards and diseases during working hours.
Program status: Over the phone inquiries and crisis, counseling continue for newcomers on work-related issues, injuries, and resources.
Client contact: Counsellor : Phone: 204 – 926 – 7908 or email
Name of program: Mount Carmel Clinic
City / Town: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Office status: Office open for distribution of food, harm reduction and hygiene supplies. Staff on-site.
Program status: Working on establishing virtual group capacity
Client contact: Call intake line 2045899477
Name of program: Mosaic Newcomer Family Resources Network
City / Town: Winnipeg
Office status: Office is closed. Staff working remotely. Main phone number will redirect to off site reception
Program status: Reception – calls to our main number will be redirected to off site reception. All calls will be forwarded to the appropriate person. We will still be providing settlement services I&O by phone, app, or email.

LINC – each teacher has set up a WhatsApp group with their students. Higher level doing zoom classes, lower levels prepping and delivering take home materials. Using ESL library

CNC – ECEs and CCAs are making videos of themselves reading stories and posting on our website and You Tube channel, staff are sewing doll clothes, making felt stories, and other materials, also helping with interpretation when needed.

HIPPY – home visitors are contacting all of their families through WhatsApp and doing the visits using the app

Family Programs – facilitators are going to attempt to continue with programs, using zoom to deliver as many programs as possible and share on our website and our You Tube channel. We are coming up with resources for parents, things to do with your kids, how to talk to your kids about COVID 19 in different languages.


Client contact: Our settlement workers are in touch with their existing clients, and will continue to check in. Teachers are in touch with their students and will check in and refer to our settlement workers as needed. Our office can be open for emergencies, for example if someone is escaping a dangerous home situation and needs an emergency place to go.
Notes: We’re posting a lot on our website under NEWS. We’re posting fun stuff, videos and resources for parents.
Name of program: Neepawa Settlement Services
City / Town: Neepawa
Office status: Office staffed/rotation work at home/only seeing clients for crisis issues
Program status: Continuing with settlement programs and language classes (virtual)
Client contact: Using video chat/email/ Facebook/phone
Name of program: Newcomer Employment & Education Development Services (N.E.E.D.S.) Inc.
City / Town: Winnipeg
Office status: NEEDS Centre offices are closed, but all staff are working remotely and available by both work phone and e-mail to support clients and other stakeholders during this time.
Program status: As things are rapidly changing with COVID-19, NEEDS is updating program supports as needed. NEEDS Centre continues to provide all programming remotely. At present NEEDS is providing interpretation supports to schools and remote homework support to newcomers children and youth in grades 1-12.

  • Our After School Program resumed program activities which include computer class (Monday), post secondary bridging Program (Tuesday), boys and girls club (Wednesday) and our English language club (Thursday.
  • Our Employment program is running remote employment support to client which includes: Referrals to government assistance programs (CERB, EI, EIA) for clients experiencing job loss or reduced ours, job searching support, support applying for jobs online and online learning.
  • Our After School Program, Employment Program and SWIS program continue to provide psychosocial support to all clients as well as providing one on one and small group support to clients through phone calls, e-mail, google classroom, Zoom, FaceTime and social media.
Client contact: Please check our NEEDS Centre website ( and social media pages which has update staff contact information. Staff are working and available to be reached at their work phone or by e-mail during this time.
Name of program: New Journey Housing
City / Town: Winnipeg
Office status: The physical office is closed to clients but all staff are working from home. Accessible by phone (942-2238) and emails
Program status: All workshops are cancelled for now but all housing advising still continues – via phone/email. Income tax clinics – in person tax filing in cancelled but Electronic Drop Off is now being offered. This service only works for clients that have access to internet and ability to upload files. More info here
Client contact: Main contact: 204-942-2238


All staff info listed here

Name of program: North West Regional Immigrant Services Inc (previously Swan Valley Settlement and Immigrant services)
City / Town: Swan River and The Pas
Office status: Closed, all staff working form home and only seeing in person urgent queries.
Program status: All program events cancelled until further notice
Client contact: Our cell phones are published on Facebook, they can also Facebook message. The office phones are not being monitored regularly for messages
Name of program: Opportunities for Employment (OFE)
City / Town: Winnipeg
Office status: In-person services suspended until further notice; we continue responding to phone inquiries and communicating with our participants over the phone and email.
Program status: OFE staff continue working with participants via phone and email as well as using online tools. We will be making efforts to provide home-based learning materials and some online content to our current job seekers.  Please monitor OFE website for updates.
Client contact: OFE job seekers are encouraged to continue to connect with their assigned Employment Consultant via email or office phone.  General inquiries and contact information are available at or by phoning 204-925-3490. A live chat feature is available on our website at during business hours.
Name of program: Pluri-elles
City / Town: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Office status: Pluri-elles sera fermé jusqu’au 14 avril pour répondre aux demandes du gouvernement.
Program status: Nous vous offrons tout de même plusieurs de nos services par courriel: en counselling, en emploi, REDI, en Alphabétisation, Services aux aînés et autres personnes
Client contact: Laissez votre nom, votre numéro de téléphone à nos professionnelles et elles vous contacteront.

Danica Audette (

Mikayla Ritchot (

Chantal Carrière-Khan (

Erika Tétrault (

Gratuit et confidentiel.

Name of program: Portage la Prairie Local Immigration Partnership
City / Town: Portage la Prairie
Office status: Office is closed, working remotely, receiving email and phone calls
Program status: The LIP is continuing but meetings will be held electronically
Client contact: Don’t really have clients but folks can reach me at 204.240.2871 or at
Name of program: Professional English Group (PEG) Canada – Canadian Culture and Communication for Nurses (CCCN)
City / Town: Manitoba and beyond
Office status: Business as usual (services are always exclusively online from home offices)
Program status: This CCCN session wraps up March 27, which concludes our funded work with MNU. New CCCN session begins April 27 at a cost-recovery fee.
Client contact: / Website:
Notes: Thinking of all of you during this chaotic time. Moving to an online format and not sure how to start? Please reach out. No sales pitch or cost to talk! We’re all in this together for the same purpose and happy to share lessons learned.
Name of program: Red River College Language Training Centre
City / Town: Winnipeg
Office status: Office closed
Program status: Programs are continuing 100% alternate remote delivery
Client contact:
Name of program: Regional Connections
City / Town: Winkler, Morden, Altona
Office status: Winkler & Altona open. Morden closed. All staff not in-office are working from home. Contact at 204-325-4059 or will be directed to the appropriate staff person.
Program status: In-person English classes and group activities are cancelled. Online English classes are continuing. Remote service delivery in all programs is continuing.
Client contact: All inquiries: 204-325-4059 or
Name of program: River East Transcona Immigrant Services (RETIS)
City / Town: Winnipeg
Office status: Office sites are closed to in person visits, limited staff, some staff working remotely  , receiving phone and emails. Spring Break all staff off the week of March 30-April 3.
Program status: Adult language classes and CNC program have been suspended.  We are continuing communication with families with ideas and things to do at home with their children. Touching base by emails and phone calls to support, and provide updates and information with clients.
Client contact: Clients have access to settlement office number 204-339-1984 and settlement workers cell numbers.
Name of program: SEEDs Winnipeg
City / Town: Winnipeg
Office status: Closed
Program status:

Filing your taxes

We are able to provide low contact tax filing assistance. Please call us at 204-927-9945 or email to find out more.

Getting Identification

We are able to provide low contact ID supports services. Please call us at 204-927-9945 or email to find out more. If you were already working with a SEED staff member on obtaining ID and have any questions, please call them on their direct line. You can find the phone numbers of SEED staff members on our website:

Money Management Training

MMT sessions have been re-launched online. All participants currently registered in a MMT session have been contacted. If you are interested in attending MMT, please email

Matched Savings Programs

SEED is currently accepting applications for the Saving Circle and IDA programs. At this time, we are only able to accept participants that would be able to participate in the online Money Management Training sessions. Please see the program pages for full program qualification requirements and information.

If you are a current program participant with questions about cash-outs, account withdrawals, or MMT, please call your coordinator directly or leave a voicemail at 204-927-9935 or email

Recognition Counts

If you have an appointment scheduled with one of our Recognition Counts staff members, please leave a voicemail at 204-927-9935 or email

Business & Enterprise Support & Training (BEST)

If you are a current or past SEED Winnipeg business training program client and need help accessing COVID business-related or other income and social supports, please email to arrange a video or phone meeting.

Immigrant Women Exploring Business

Our Immigrant Women Exploring Business program planned for Spring 2020 has been postponed. Stay tuned this summer when we start recruiting people for our online Fall Immigrant Business & Enterprise Support Training program and Business & Enterprise Support Training program.

Client contact: Staff are still able to access to their email and voicemail messages. If you have any questions and are not sure which SEED staff member to contact, please leave a voicemail at 204-927-9935 or email and your message will be forwarded to the appropriate staff member.
Name of program: Seven Oaks Immigrant Services
City / Town: North West Winnipeg
Office status: Office is open 9-3:30 Mon-Fri but limited to essential services. All other services receiving phone calls and emails. Updating and connecting on social media regularly. All other staff are working remotely and keeping in daily contact with students, clients and the team.
Program status: Settlement Workers and SWIS are connecting with clients/students daily by phone or remotely, running virtual sessions and dropping off resources to families in need. ESL classes are running via phone and various platforms from zoom to Whats App, and students can pick up and drop off materials. Interpretation and translation services offered for clients, families and school staff.
Client contact: Phone: 204-697-5967 (930 Jefferson), or 204-632-1716 (950 Jefferson)
Email: or staff email
Call for any reason. If your are in crisis you can call or come by if you are healthy and have not travelled or live with someone who has covid-19.
Visit our Facebook or Instagram. 
Name of program: Sexuality Education Resource Centre (SERC)
City / Town: Winnipeg, Brandon
Office status: Both SERC Winnipeg and Brandon offices are both temporarily closed to in-person visits.
Program status: We have also temporarily suspended in-person training and workshops.
Client contact: Staff are available via email at in Winnipeg and in Brandon, or via their personal SERC email addresses.
Name of program: The Salvation Army Barbara Mitchell Family Resource Centre – Life & Employability Enhancement Program (LEEP)
City / Town: Winnipeg
Office status: The Salvation Army Barbara Mitchell Family Resource Centre is closed till May 30, 2020
Program status: To keep the program delivery on track, we started our first online session on May 4th, 2020. We use ZOOM teleconferencing for delivering the topics covered in class and personal coaching. Hopefully, the work placement for this group will start in June in a regular way. Please, advise your clients (refugees under 30 y.o.) looking for their first employment in Canada to connect with us via email: or by calling 204-297-5833
Client contact: Email:, LEEP cell:204-297-5833
Name of program: Thompson Newcomers Settlement Services
City / Town: Thompson
Office status: Office is closed to all in-person services. Settlement Services Coordinator continues to assist clients via email and phone. Phone calls and emails are still being responded to daily.
Program status: All group workshops postponed until further notice.
Client contact: E-mail:    Phone: 204-677-1495
Name of program: Université de Saint-Boniface – CLIC
City / Town: Winnipeg
Office status: USB campus is closed yet as of March 24, however, nearly every staff member is working remotely. We are continuing to run our programs to the best of our ability from a distance.
Program status: We are working on delivering our Spring session classes through distance learning.
Client contact: Our clients can communicate with us as they always have – by email or phone.
Name of program: WELARC
City / Town: Winnipeg
Office status: Closed – staff are monitoring phone and email
Program status: All in person contact has been cancelled
Client contact: Phone messages at 204-943-5387 and are being monitored
Notes: We have done our best to contact all clients who had appointments to cancel, and once this is done, we will call everyone to rebook
Name of program: Westman Immigration Services
City / Town: Brandon
Office status: Office is open reduced hours to assist with critical settlement services only. This week, office hours are Monday, March 23 to Thursday, March 26 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Walk in clients are not being accepted, appointments are required. Only required staff on site during these hours, remainder of staff are working from home. Phone calls and emails are still being responded to daily.
Program status: English classes and programs are currently suspended.
Client contact: Clients who need immediate assistance are encouraged to call 204-727-6031, ext 2.
Name of program: Winnipeg School Division
City / Town: Winnipeg
Office status: Working remotely
Program status: Continuing
Client contact: Daily contact is recommended.
Name of program: YMCA YWCA of Winnipeg Newcomer Services
City / Town: Winnipeg
Office status: Office closed, staff working remotely, receiving phone and email inquiries
Program status: LINC classes continue to be offered remotely. Newcomer Youth Wellness Program has switched to an online delivery mode as well & is using social media to share content related to mental health, coping, physical wellness, and social connection during physical distancing.
Client contact: Current clients can contact staff by email or phone with regard to normal programming or requests for support or referrals.