A new website launched by the Manitoba government to provide information on current Vaccine eligibility, Vaccine Queue Calculator, Immunization sites, as well as sharing myth-busting information and real-time updates. Eligible individuals can also book their #COVID19 vaccine appointment online.
Tools to support the Accessibility for Manitobans Act
An online course for staff at our member organizations to learn about providing customer service in a way that removes barriers affecting persons with disabilities and many other citizens.
Tools & Resources list on Anti-racism
#DYK MANSO maintains a list of sector-relevant Tools & Resources on our website? Discover the #Anti-racism resources that can be useful to service providers, refugee sponsors and other community members.
Find newcomer services
This national settlement services directory created by IRCC highlights the information and services that are available for newcomers both online and through settlement services provider organizations. These services include job support, language classes, mental health resources and more.
MANSO member organizations
MANSO members are those organizations that provide services to immigrants and refugees across Manitoba. Learn more about them and discover many programs and services that are available to you on our Member Directory.
The Canadian Council for Refugees, Amnesty International Canada and the Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers are working together to advocate for welcoming refugees in Canada. Learn more at #refugeeswelcome
#Bienvenue aux Refugies
Le Conseil canadien pour les réfugiés, Amnesty International Canada et l’Association canadienne des avocats et avocates en droit des réfugiés collaborent pour promouvoir l’accueil des réfugiés au Canada. #bienvenueauxréfugiés
MANSO acts as a voice for the Manitoba settlement and integration sector, as well as supporting our members through communication, networking and professional development activities.

Upcoming Event

World Refugee Day 2021

MANSO, together with our member agencies and partners, will come together to mark World Refugee Day in Manitoba on June 18, 2021!

The event will include the opportunity to learn more about Canada’s Private Sponsorship of Refugees (PSR) program and to hear more real-life stories told from both the refugee and sponsor sides.

Register now!


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